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What do I need the personal account on Anywayanyday for?

First, it is where the list of your orders is kept.

It can be filtered by order type — air tickets or hotels:

  • By passengers:

  • By departure and arrival airports, by cities.

Second, you can get more detailed information on every order.

Third, if the flight and stay are yet upcoming, in the personal account you can always see detailed information and print out the itinerary and hotel voucher.

Also, you can make changes to the order: change passport data, order additional services, exchange or refund the ticket.

The "Notebook" section of the personal account keeps personal data of the passengers you have bought tickets and reserved hotels for.

In the future you can make your orders quicker — the passenger data is saved in the Notebook (see "I am not buying tickets on for the first time. Can I speed the process up?").

In the "Bonus account" section you can find your current status in the Anywaynaтyday bonus program and perhaps form a promo code to pay for your order with accumulated bonus points (see "How can I spend my bonus points?").

More on Anywayanyday bonus program —

In the "My profile" section you are free to indicated the info on the actual "owner" of the personal account.

The matter of fact is the personal account is automatically created for the first passenger / guest in the first order made on

Also, here you can change the password to the personal account.